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Complete recycling line equipment

CYKF is one of the most professional extruder manufacturers having earnt a good reputation from many of our customers. We have extensive company resources, professional technology and ability. We meet customers' requests in anything to do with extruder function or design. We provide our customers with a perfectly designed machine, complete technological support and quality after-sales service.

Applicable Material:

Composite material, glass fiber additive, chemical reaction, wood powder additive, micro pellets etc, such as PC, ABS, Nylon, LCP, PPS, TPU, TPR, TPE, SEBS, PLA, PVA and TPV.



  • Special screw and barrel assembly design suits the processing of various plastic materials.
  • Deep channel design of the screw upgrades production capacity.
  • Involute splined shaft provides higher torque resistance capability.
  • Side feeder allows for adding glass-fiber or other additives.
  • Standard screw speed up to 580 RPM assures superior material quality and high production efficiency.
  • Choice of various models such as 32HT, 42HT, 58HT, 70HT and 92HT. Also available to equip with various auxiliary equipment and pelletizing system, such as side feeder and Loss-in-weight, etc.
  • Twin screw is precision engaged and run in same directions. This provides self-cleaning function without jamming problems.
  • Heavy-duty gearbox employs a forced lubrication system with adjustable lubrication pressure ensuring extremely smooth running silence.
  • Enclosed dust resistance control box use PC or PID controller provides user-friendly operation.
  • The barrel is manufactured from special Bi-metal steel, featuring maximum durability and long service life



Screw diameter (mm) 32 42 58 71 80 92
L/D Ratio 36~46 36~48 36~48 36~48 36~48 36~48
Main motor (kw) 22.5 55 132 200 250 450
Output (kg/hr) 25~80 50~180 150~450 250~700 350~950 500~1500

* Output as different material the output capacity basic by ABS.
* All specifications, design and characteristics shown above are subject to change without prior notice.


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